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As I was moving out of my dorm room apartment, this terrible feeling of sadness washed over me. I loved that room so much. I created and destroyed so many memories. /emo

Anyways, afterwards I went out for a night on the town with Danny. A very fulfilling casual night out, instead of going on one of our adventures. We went to see The Hangover and ate a lemon crepe at Eurostation. YUM.

I have this insane idea! Possibly right before new york, or anytime during my life really, I'm going to do the following to my hair....

First of all I'm going to chop it all off a la Mia Farrow.

Then, when it grows out, I'm going to cut it into a bob! Something like Amelie, but a little longer on the bangs, or Ambugaton@Blogspot, or like Natalie Portman in this photoshoot...

Then when it grows out longer, I'll curl it to a curly bob! No real inspirations here, but the only photos I can get of what I'm thinking of is of Anna Mouglalis and my friend Nina.

Then, when it gets long again, repeat!

Ah photospam. XD You guys knew what you were in for when you clicked on that cut!

Anyways, tonight I'm out on the town with Danny again and chucking my clothes off to Buffalo Exchange for some quick cash. (And maybe I'll get some cupcakes! YUM!) Tomorrow he's taking me out to the aquarium for my birthday. Photos may happen! Ciao!

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Date: 2009-06-17 04:12 am (UTC)
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That would be wonderful! I love the bob look, and especially the curly bob in the first photo.


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